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Custom laser cutting services. Get parts, FAST.

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Custom designed laser cut parts delivered to your home within days

Need custom-designed laser-cut parts in a hurry? Look no further! We offer speedy delivery of your components right to your doorstep within just a few days. No need to wait for weeks or spend a fortune to get what you need.


All you need to do is send us your CAD file and we'll take care of the rest. Our team of experts will create your custom components with precision using the latest laser-cutting technology. Plus, our seamless ordering process and prompt delivery will ensure that you receive your parts in no time.


Experience the convenience of quick and reliable laser-cutting services today. Send us your CAD file and get ready to receive your custom-designed parts in just a few days!

Hassle-free Online Laser Cutting Services


Upload your CAD file

We accept
DXF, EPS, DWG & AI files.


Get an instant quote

Prices include materials, cutting,
deburring and free shipping
anywhere in the USA, $19 to Canada


Standard orders out the door in 2-4 business days or less

3-5 day shipping
on all standard orders.

Affordable pricing and free shipping!

Experience hassle-free online laser cutting services with us. We've made it easy for you to get precision parts for your project with just a few clicks. Plus, our affordable pricing and free shipping** make it even more convenient for you.

To get started, simply upload your file and get an immediate quote. Our pricing is based on the material type, thickness, part size, and design complexity. Most orders qualify for free shipping, arriving at your doorstep in just 3-5 days.


Choose quality laser-cutting services that won't break the bank. Try us out today!

To meet all of your project demands, choose from a wide range of services.


Cutting Services

We offer custom laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and CNC routing. We’ll cut your parts with the method best suited for your material.

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Bending & Forming

Add dimension to your projects with our precision CNC bending services.

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Countersinking & Tapping

Quickly and easily add threading to your parts

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Hardware Insertion

Select from our catalog of PEM press-fit hardware to add nuts, studs, and standoffs.


Anodizing & Plating

Enhance your custom laser cut parts with deburring, anodizing, and plating  services.

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Powder Coating

Give your laser cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer in one of 7 colors

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