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Online Laser Cutting Services

At Ascenti CNC, we use powerful lasers (4kW to 12kW) to cut materials like 6061 aluminum, mild steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, laser cut acrylic, wood, and more with highly perfect precision.

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Services for quick, inexpensive, and precise online laser cutting

We provide you quick, inexpensive, and precise laser cutting services using industrial laser cutting, whether you're a company needing 100,000 parts a week or a small business owner operating out of your garage.

Tight Tolerances

We can produce extremely precise cuts with tight tolerances of +/-.005′′ or better with our fiber laser cutters.

Worry Free Kerf

In order to save you time, our program takes into consideration kerf and line offsets for each and every cut in your design.

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No Need to Nest

There’s no need to pre-nest your parts when you upload your files. Our in-house algorithms within our app will do it for you.

Minimal HAZ

On parts with straightforward geometry, our powerful fiber lasers virtually eliminate HAZ (heat-affected zone).

What to expect from your custom laser cut parts

Materials that release harmful gases when burned cannot be cut by lasers

Flammable materials cannot be cut by lasers.

Materials thicker than.187" will be left with tiny striations and an abrasive edge by lasers.

Extremely delicate or fine geometry in thick materials cannot be cut by lasers.

Streamline Your Laser Cutting Design Process with Our Helpful Resources


It's never been simpler to order your customized laser cut parts.

Effortlessly Order Custom Laser Cut Parts with Our Expert Team and Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Review our Guidelines

Making sure your file meets all our requirements will ensure you get your parts as quickly as possible.


Upload your file for an instant quote

Select your material, apply additional services, and adjust your quantity to see live pricing updates.


Standard orders are out the door in 2-4 days

3-5 day shipping
on all standard orders.

Upgrade your laser-cut parts


Cutting Services

We offer custom laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and CNC routing. We’ll cut your parts with the method best suited for your material.

cnc bending.jpg

Bending & Forming

Add dimension to your projects with our precision CNC bending services.

counter sinking.jpg

Countersinking & Tapping

Quickly and easily add threading to your parts

hardware insertion.jpg

Hardware Insertion

Select from our catalog of PEM press-fit hardware to add nuts, studs, and standoffs.


Anodizing & Plating

Enhance your custom laser cut parts with deburring, anodizing, and plating  services.

Powder Coating.jpg

Powder Coating

Give your laser cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer in one of 7 colors

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