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Online Countersinking Services

Our online countersinking service is designed to increase the life of your hardware and ensure that your parts are clean and high-quality. Countersinking is a machining process that creates a conical hole in a part so that a screw or bolt can sit flush with the surface.


By using countersinking, you can reduce stress on your hardware and prevent it from becoming damaged or corroded over time. This makes your parts more durable and reliable in the long run.

G30 Steel 1.png

Efficient and Affordable Online Countersinking Services for Precise Results

Our online countersinking service provides fast and accurate results at an affordable price, ensuring precise and high-quality parts.

Quantity Discounts

Order 1 or 1,000+. Get up to 70% off when you order in bulk.

Detailed order tracking

Follow your order from upload to delivery.

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Free shipping!

Free anywhere in the USA, and only $19 to Canada.

Multiple ways to order

Upload your CAD file, or use our Parts Builder and choose from a variety of templates.

What to expect from your countersunk parts

Parts may have oil/lubricant residue on the surface

Some light deburring may be required by the customer to remove sharp edges left by the countersinking process

Parts will not have a perfectly machined finish. Some scoring is expected.

Powder coating will add .003”-.005” (.076mm-0.13mm). We’ll adjust the hole size to account for this, but keep in mind that the fit may be tight on countersinks with powder coating

Helpful resources make it easy to create your file for countersinking

At Ascenti CNC, our aim is to simplify the process of getting your parts countersunk. To achieve this, we have compiled a set of guidelines that can assist you in setting up your files accurately.

Ordering countersunk parts online has never been easier

We have streamlined the process of designing and ordering countersunk parts with our team of skilled machinists and advanced manufacturing technology. To get started, upload your design to our app and choose the "Countersinking" option during checkout to receive an instant quote. Our experts will handle the rest.

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Review our Guidelines

Making sure your file meets all our requirements will ensure you get your parts as quickly as possible.


Upload your file for an instant quote

Select your material, apply additional services, and adjust your quantity to see live pricing updates.


Standard orders are out the door in 2-4 days

3-5 day shipping
on all standard orders.

Precision Countersinking in a variety of materials

5052 H32 Aluminum 2.jpg

5052 H32 Aluminum

Inexpensive, lightweight, & versatile material.

6061 T6_edited.png

6061 T6 Aluminum

Perfect for aerospace & automotive applications.


7075 T6 Aluminum

Extra strong. Perfect for aerospace panels.

Explore our complete range of services for your project needs. Don't limit yourself to just countersinking.


Cutting Services

We offer custom laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and CNC routing. We’ll cut your parts with the method best suited for your material.

cnc bending.jpg

Bending & Forming

Add dimension to your projects with our precision CNC bending services.

counter sinking.jpg

Countersinking & Tapping

Quickly and easily add threading to your parts

hardware insertion.jpg

Hardware Insertion

Select from our catalog of PEM press-fit hardware to add nuts, studs, and standoffs.


Anodizing & Plating

Enhance your custom laser cut parts with deburring, anodizing, and plating  services.

Powder Coating.jpg

Powder Coating

Give your laser cut parts a bold, long-lasting finish and protective layer in one of 7 colors

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